How to Create a TLAC Account with your Texas Educator Preparation Program

1. Go to and click on the gold "Sign Up Now" button.

2. Click on the Radio Button for "I am enrolled in a Texas Educator Preparation Program" and click on the gold "Next" button.

3.Next, choose your Texas Educator Preparation Program (EPP) and enter the email address that you have that is associated with your Texas Educator Preparation Program (EPP). Click on the gold  "Next" button to continue.

If your email address is NOT associated with your Texas Educator Preparation Program (EPP), then you will be provided with a follow-up form below to fill out and send to Support so that we can verify that you are indeed associated with the EPP and who to contact to confirm this information. Click on the gold "Send Verification Request" button to complete this process. You should then get a confirmation message that an email was sent to Support.

***If your EPP is NOT listed, click on the "Click here for support" link to direct an email to Support. Please ensure that you include your the name of your EPP, the Program Instructor's name, and the Program Instructor's email address in your reply for a speedy resolution. 

4. Once your EPP program and email address have been auto verified on the website, you will continue through the new account process by filling out your profile details, then clicking on the gold "Sign Up" button. 

5. That's it, you have now created your new account and are currently logged in.