How to Add Multiple Users at Once in Bulk

Once you are logged in, click on the  "My Groups" link at the center of the page. 

On the  "My Groups" page, you will see the groups that you are associated with. Click on the "View" link to view everything associated with that group. 

From the  "My Groups" page you add multiple users by clicking on the "Import" button. 

On the "Import" page, click on the "File Sample" link, and a Microsoft Excel .CSV  file names "import-group-users-sample.csv", will be downloaded to your computer. 

You will need to open the "import-group-users-sample.csv" file that was downloaded in Microsoft Excel and add your users according to the row 1 labels that are listed. 
Start adding your participants in row 2 according to the labels listed. The labels for Email, First Name, Last Name, Group Name, and Group Admin are required for each row.

The Group Name Will Need to Match Exactly to the Name of the Group You Are the Manager of:

In the above example, the group name is "".

Once you have completed adding the participants to the file, "Save File As" with a name that is more specific to your organization. Then, head back to the website to get back to the "Import" page. Click on the "Choose Files" button and search your computer for the file you just saved and click the "Open" button.

Your file should now be listed in the Import File section. Finally, click on the "Import Users" button to import your new participants to the website.

Finally, you will get your Import Results showing that you have successfully imported your participants and it will automatically send invitation emails to them with instructions on how to login to their account. 

If your Import Results show an error, you will need to update your file so that it can be imported properly.