Sharing Your Practice via Texas TLAC Online

Feedback on practice helps us implement a technique with greater clarity, confidence and success when we take it live to the classroom. We’ve built sharing your practice into the platform at the end of each module to make receiving feedback as easy as possible.

1. At the end of each module, click the red “Share” Button

2. The following screen will pop up:

3. Enter at least one email address in the box. If you wish to have a copy sent to the email you registered with, check the box adjacent to “Send a copy to myself.” You will also be able to see your previous practices in your personal dashboard.

4. Click the red share button in the lower right. You’ll see a green bar that the email was sent successfully. That’s it!

Time saving tip: If you’ll be sending your practice to the same person or group consistently, enter the email address(es), click the “Save list as…” button, and give the list a title.

Select from the list next time.
Click share. Easy-peasy!